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Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call Center Outsourcing Services is a process where the companies outsource it’s call center operations to another company with specialization in providing these services. As the competition in the market rises, the importance of customers rises too. To succeed in the market, customers’ trust has to be earned as early as possible. Thus exceptional call center services are what help most of the businesses in a major way to build customer trust. Customer relies on customer support for their interactions with the business. And as it is said ‘first impression is the last impression’, one needs to immediately make a positive impact on customers’ mind.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?
(And How will it help you to reach the top?)

Call center outsourcing is an extensive form of support mechanized for direct customer interaction. The customer interacts with our executives via voice call who solve their queries or perform product marketing.  This makes the outsourced call center work an integral part of a business’ growth.

95% of consumers in the United States (US) share unsatisfactory experiences with other people.

50% of consumers in the USA would use a organization more frequently after a positive call center service experience.

67% of consumers in the United States (US) blame bad call center service experience as one of the primary reasons for shunning their trust in an organization.

By 2020, Call Center Services will overtake products and pricing as the main brand differentiator in the United States (US).

Now, the picture is crystal clear, better the Call center performance, better the customer base. A skilled Call center is thus the key to the success of one’s organization as a Call Center is in direct contact with the customer. Call centers produce sales leads and perform marketing of products, Call center also solves and records customer queries. A specialized call center is the desired entity for most of the organizations but emulating one is an uphill task. Indigenously solving call center ailments might drain enough resources to fall short on product development. Thus to outsource call center job is the way to go for your firm. Call center outsourcing companies specializes in this process and helps to provide better customer satisfaction.


Why does your budding company needs to Outsource Call Center Services?

Call Center Outsourcing services
If you are a budding company based in the United States (US), opting for outsourcing your call center services is the way to go for you. Companies that specialize in performing them will help you optimize your cost and you will have a large part of your resources left for research and development of your product. As a budding company, research and development must be an integral part of your work mechanism, using your time and resources in indigenous call center operations will only put constraints on you limiting your ability to innovate in your core function.

The market in the United States (US ) is highly competitive and requires rapid evolution which must be your main focal point in these early days. Thus, it is highly advisable for you to Outsource Call Center tasks to a company that specializes in performing them. Remember, Today is the product of choices you made yesterday. Smart thinking and smart planning are what will provide you the impetus to one day sail over the industrial giants and in someday, you will definitely be the Big fish in the pond.


Why does your established company needs to Outsource Call Center Services?

If you are an established organization based in the United States(US), taking the vital step to outsource your call center services will help you keep track with the rapidly transforming world. Outsourcing these services will help you compete with the new and promising firms which are starting to make their mark in the market.

Now, you might be thinking why do you need to Outsource these services to a firm specializing in outsourcing? Let’s assume you have a perfectly happy customer base, with increasing competition in the market in the United States (US) you need to evolve as one of the product development businesses. With increasing number of products, the number of customer queries, problem reporting, bug reporting will increase exponentially.  Efficiently solving customer queries will be a problematic job in these circumstances. Lowering the quality of the services or persisting with present resource applied to indigenously perform them will only hamper your customer base. Here are a few stats regarding customer retention that might help.

  • Loyal customers in the USA are 5x as likely to
  • Loyal customers in the United States (US) are 5x as likely to forgive.
  • Loyal customers in the United States (US) are 4x as likely to refer.
  • Loyal customers in the USA are 7x as likely to try a new offering.
  • In the  (US), a 10% increase in a firm’s customer satisfaction score leads to a 12% increase in trust from customers.
  • Loyal customers in the United States (US) are 10x more than their first purchase.

The stats show the importance of good customer service for retention and expansion of one’s customer base. Thus, Outsourcing Call Center tasks to a specialized service provider is highly advisable for your growth. It takes just one bad decision that can totally outdo your years of hard work. The key to sustain at the top in the United States (US) is to keep investing in future and satisfying customer needs.


Why Outsource Call Center Services  to Kenya?

In the last decade or so Kenya has flourished and reached the usher of outsourcing services. Call Center Outsourcing services being the major contributor in the boost. Opting to Outsource these services to Kenya has its perks as Kenya is also popularly known as the most cost efficient country to outsource your work to.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, listed below are a few advantages that a business in the United States (US) will have by availing the stupendous quality of these services from Kenyan call center company-

  • Call Center Outsourcing cost in Kenya is 35% of that in the United States (US)
  • Familiarity with English Language and higher educational qualifications of call center executives in Kenya makes it the first choice for many top-end businesses in the United States (US)
  • Easy availability of High-end technologies in Kenya helps the service providers to simplify complex call center tasks with ease.
  • The services in the service provider firms in Kenya help smooth collaboration because the Call Center outsourcing companies in Kenya are familiar with code of conduct pertinent to the industry in the United States (US) and standards inherent in the United States (US) due to a long history of industrial ties with Kenya.


Major advantages of opting for Call Canter Outsourcing Services at Zerxis Digital

Zerxis Digital, one of the major names in the outsourcing industry today is known for the quality and robustness of the services it provides. Call center services are the primordial services that we provide and have played a huge role in the development and growth of a lot of our clients. Being one of the most liked services of ours, these services enjoy most of our dedication. Following points illuminate a few advantages that a company in the United States (US) can harness through call center outsourcing services at Zerxis Digital-

  • As far as performance goes, skills and experience are unparalleled metrics for success for any organization. Thus we hire a set of skilled and highly experienced professionals who undergo rigorous training to perform our call center work. As far as motivation goes, the performance based perks and a friendly environment in our office has always been the catalyst for inculcating motivation within our workforce.
  • Our call center outsourcing services help us to be in touch with the customers of our clients throughout the performance of our services, this gives us a chance to provide expansive customer reports developed with extensive analysis of customer data and statistics present with us. This can help our clients to plan the further operations of their organization in order to increase growth of their business.
  • Customer satisfaction can never be challenged as the primary metric for the success of an organization. As our clients are our customers, we aim at satisfying them each and every time with our services which reflect on the client reviews and accolades that we have achieved so far. We believe that the level of customer satisfaction we provide through our call center outsourcing services will help us earn a great reputation in the industry helping us to achieve the personal goals we have for our firm as well.
  • Just like satisfying your customer’s needs is important for your success, satisfying our client’s needs that is their growth is important to us thus we try to facilitate the growth of our clients by skilfully performing our services.
  • We dispatch reports to our clients in real time as well as deliver quality recordings which has been appreciated numerous times by each and every one of our clients.

Business Domains our Call Center Outsourcing Services

Our Call Center Operations are conditioned to serve multiple domains in the industry. Clients from these domains of the industry can outsource their call center tasks and increase their performance in the market with our help. As the competition has reached a whole new level, our services allow you to compete with the best and win. The domains that we at Zerxis Digital serve are:

  1. Healthcare– We have provided Outsourced top quality services for healthcare industry to many reputed clients in the United States and are still engaged in providing them these services.
  2. Ecommerce– Our Services for Ecommerce industry have been appreciated all over the industry.
  3. Insurance– We have delivered impeccable services for our reputed clients in the United States and are all set to deliver it to you.
  4. Real Estate– We have a skilled workforce that tackle all the challenges that are brought forth by the Real Estate business in a dexterous manner.
  5. Education– Our services have served many organizations that target the education sector of the industry. We have a workforce that is well aware of the challenges one faces to succeed as a call center outsourcing company for the education industry.

Call Center Services

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